Downtown and the central core are the heartbeat of the city and the region, and its continued health and growth is critical to the success of Houston.

This is the guiding principle behind Central Houston, Inc., founded in 1983 by downtown business leaders to ensure that the center city and Houston’s urban core remain vital and progressive.

Supported by its membership, Central Houston has for more than 35 years created and implemented remarkable solutions for the complex challenges of our city. As a result, Central Houston’s focus is long term and big picture.

Today, as it has for more than three decades, Central Houston has kept its focus on the future of Houston, embracing Downtown and beyond. The organization actively seeks the ideas and voices of top business leaders and city officials to collectively visualize and facilitate the necessary factors that ensure these impactful ideas become a reality.

Our current 2019 strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years are guiding the maximization of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for civic enhancements related to the North Houston Highway Improvement Project, in active collaboration with our partners and our PLAN Downtown. Our priorities include:

  • Advancing a re-envisioned regional commuter system and improved multi-model functionality of Downtown’s street grid in the context of advancing technologies.
  • Facilitating the creation of a technology and Innovation Corridor that includes Downtown, Midtown with the The Ion (4201 Main) and the Texas Medical Center.

  • And initiating a three-year plan to recruit new employers to Downtown and improve two-way communications about the benefits and challenges of being in the Central City.

Theses priorities focus on the image of our city, quality of life, strengthening the economic base of our city, and continued collaboration with the City, County, METRO and downtown property owners to improve our central city.

Scott Prochazka, Central Houston Board Chair