With our long-term outlook guiding our focus, Central Houston, Inc. works in partnership with public and private 

entities to ensure challenges are successfully addressed and projects are implemented that result in a stronger Downtown. This careful strategy has a proven track record, with notable assets in place across the Downtown Houston skyline and streetscape.

Central Houston membership unites stakeholders who understand that a vibrant, successful urban core does not happen organically – it develops only through thoughtful planning and diligent stewardship. Participation in Central Houston gives members the opportunity to engage with executives at leading companies on a deep and meaningful level — not simply exchanging business cards, but working alongside high-caliber professionals on impactful projects. The draw for many members is their deep commitment to the success and betterment of the central city.

For membership, dues and event information, please contact Ann Taylor:

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Shaping the Future

As we look to the future, Central Houston will continue its course, striving to elevate Downtown. Even with the great progress achieved over the past few decades, more must be done to ensure that Houston stays competitive with other major urban areas, both in the US and across the globe. As other downtowns continue to grow and improve, Houston must also continue its evolution.

Central Houston remains strong because of our track record. Built on credibility and momentum, people take Central Houston seriously.

A membership in Central Houston is an incredible way to unify the voice of business leaders to have a powerful impact in moving Downtown and the central city in a positive direction. By joining Central Houston, you lend your support to advocacy efforts that benefit our overall economy, while staying informed on pertinent issues that can affect your bottom line.

Central Houston members are some of the most influential business people in the region. Membership covers the breadth of Houston’s business community, from one person start-ups to multinational giants, with not-for-profit organizations, small businesses and mid-market businesses all part of the diverse membership mix.

As a Central Houston member, you’ll find many ways to share ideas with other members of the downtown community, from public officials and property owners to residents and retailers. Your involvement can range from simply keeping informed to participating in long-range planning sessions, forums, and ongoing committees.

It’s our members’ thoughts, vision and experiences that drive what we do. What does it take to grow a thriving urban core? What is the ongoing role of the center city in sustaining a growing region?

Join us to help find the answers and solutions to shape Houston’s future.

2018-19 Central Houston Strategic Framework [pdf]

Major Projects Underway
  • Housing the Homeless – The Way Home
  • Residential Development
  • Downtown Framework Planning
  • Buffalo Bayou initiatives
  • Sidewalk and street improvements
  • Neighborhood connections
  • Elysian Viaduct – new bridge and roadway
  • Hike and bike trails
  • Wayfinding improvements
  • Quality education options
  • Support of major large-scale events such as Super Bowl LI
  • North Houston Highway Improvement Project
  • Business recruitment and retention

As the heartbeat of a thriving world-class city, we are committed to growing downtown through the recruitment, retention, and expansion of businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We achieve this through our dedication to the broad range of initiatives that support advancing our globally-competitive ecosystem.

  • Texas Special METRO Circulator 1983
  • Buffalo Bayou Sesquicentennial Park Design Competition 1984
  • Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol 1985
  • Trees for Downtown 1985
  • Buffalo Bayou Master Plan & Buffalo Bayou Partnership 1986
  • Banner Ordinance and Program 1987
  • Design Plan for Downtown 1987
  • Main Street Proud Street Program 1987
  • Creation of Theater District 1987
  • Successful METRO rail referendum 1988
  • Albert Thomas Convention Center (Bayou Place) Redevelopment RFP 1988
  • Opening of Buffalo Bayou Park Sabine to Bagby 1988
  • Work to create Houston Downtown Management District— (resulted in Chapter 375 of the local government code) 1989
  • Opening of Phase I Buffalo Bayou Sesquicentennial Park 1989
  • Creation of Houston Downtown Management Corporation 1990
  • Creation of Houston Downtown Public Improvement District 1991
  • Downtown Police Center- 1111 Rusk 1991
  • METRO Monorail urban design 1991
  • Houston Area Community Development Corp. 1992
  • Convention Center Hotel rebate legislation 1993
  • Houston Coliseum redevelopment RFP 1993
  • Convention Hotel RFP 1993
  • Gaming research 1994
  • Downtown Development Framework Plan 1994
  • Downtown Business Development Program 1994
  • Main Street Task Force and plan 1995
  • Creation of Houston Downtown Management District 1995
  • Creation of TIRZ#3 Market Square for The Rice redevelopment 1995
  • Arena research & study 1996
  • Downtown ballpark planning & referendum 1996
  • Ground breaking on ballpark 1997
  • Opening of Bayou Place 1997
  • Main Street Coalition formation 1998
  • Groundbreaking Downtown Transit Streets program 1998
  • Opening Phase II Buffalo Bayou Sesquicentennial Park 1998
  • Downtown arena development planning 1999
  • Opening of ballpark 2000
  • Successful downtown arena referendum 2000
  • Main Street Light Rail planning and design 2000
  • Emergency Response Task Force 2001
  • Toyota Center groundbreaking 2001
  • Council of Chairs, sister organizations, formed 2002
  • Creation of Downtown Scenic District 2002
  • Main Street Square development 2002
  • Opening of expansion of George R. Brown Convention Center 2003
  • Opening of Hilton Americas Hotel 2003
  • Blueprint Houston formed 2003
  • Opening of Main Street Square and METRO light rail 2004
  • Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004
  • MLB All Star Game 2004
  • Downtown Development Framework 2004
  • Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness formed 2004
  • Urban Collaborative Program 2004
  • Hurricane Housing Task Force planning support 2005
  • Discovery Green Conservancy formed 2005
  • Intown Living Task Force 2005
  • NBA All Star Game 2006
  • Dynamo Soccer Stadium location and preliminary studies 2006
  • Homeless Strategic Plan and Rapid Re-housing Initiative 2006
  • Urban Corridor Planning 2006
  • Downtown Sustainability Initiative 2007
  • METRO Phase 2 LRT planning 2007
  • Access/ Transportation Priorities Task Force 2008
  • Discovery Green opens 2008
  • Supportive Housing Task Force and plan 2008
  • Transit Corridors Ordinance adopted 2009
  • North & Southeast LRT corridors groundbreaking 2009
  • Market Square Park re-opens 2010
  • NCAA Final Four 2011
  • HSPVA downtown site designation 2011
  • George R. Brown Master Plan Update 2011
  • United States Olympic Team Trials Marathon 2012
  • Education Task Force, 2014-2015
  • Coordination of the I-45/I-10 planning by TxDOT with several affiliated organizations 2014-2015
  • Plan Houston, participation in the process of creating a general plan for Houston, 2013 – 2015
  • Downtown Leadership Summit, participating member 2015
  • Formation of CHIME, young professional membership program of Central Houston, 2015
  • Super Bowl LI 2017
  • Plan Downtown 2017
  • Coordination with TxDOT’s North Houston Highway Improvement Program 2018
  • Downtown Launchpad 2020

Performance is directly related to people. Our city’s most passionate leaders gather at Central Houston to plan cultural and economic growth. We work collaboratively within public and private sectors. The result? Pivotal projects are launched and completed.


Membership in Central Houston provides your organization with a front row seat to what is currently happening Downtown and a voice in what is to come. For more than 30 years, Central Houston has collaborated, conceived and implemented remarkable solutions for the complex challenges of our city. Our focus is advancing economic growth by enhancing our business climate, expanding activity centers and attractions, strategic planning and implementation and improving the quality of life for each and every Houstonian.

The success of Central Houston emanates from its valued members, and we welcome your participation as we conceive new and  exciting strategies that will make Downtown an even stronger cultural and economic core.

All members have access to:


Share a vision of a world class, vibrant, bustling Downtown Houston that serves as the civic, cultural and economic heart of the city.


Collaboration between public and private entities to ensure response to issues and implementation of projects result in a stronger Downtown.


Central Houston is a project-driven organization, creating task forces as needed, such as Transportation, Plan Downtown, Innovation and Economic Development.


Rely on Central Houston to bring together government agencies, elected leaders, city planners, private businesses, non-profits, residents and others to guide positive change.


Know that a strong, thriving downtown is essential to attracting and maintaining a strong workforce in Downtown and throughout metropolitan Houston.


Share your challenges with people who understand and face many of the same issues. Explore best practices that you can apply in your business. Central Houston gives members the opportunity to network with executives at leading companies on a deep and meaningful level – not simply exchanging business cards, but working alongside high-caliber professionals on impactful projects.


For the latest data and trends on the Downtown Houston economy


Gain access to upcoming initiatives that affect Downtown.


Central Houston hosts a number of member events during the year that include monthly breakfasts featuring hot topics to behind-the-scenes and hardhat tours. 

Recent Events
Reset: Making Downtown Work in 2022
All-Member Workshop
Outlook Breakast

Central Houston is connecting with the best and brightest young employees of member companies through Central Houston, Inc. Millennial Enterprise (CHIME). Participants in CHIME are hand-picked by top leadership as representatives for their companies and their generation. This membership perk is an opportunity to cultivate leadership development for the next generation.

This specialized group serves as a dynamic resource that introduces talented contributors into Central Houston visionary world. The idea is to draw local talent to Downtown Houston as their preferred place to live, work and play. Their mission is to develop, promote, and sustain an even better Downtown for young professionals.

CHIME events offer exclusive access, such as behind-the-scenes tours, courtside games, and receptions with developers and downtown stakeholders. CHIME is the ultimate networking hub for young downtown professionals who wish to enhance their careers through knowledgeable CEO acumen and connections with downtown peers. The group also provides valuable insight into Central Houston’s projects and programs through focus groups and workshops and provides service to the community by supporting volunteer programs such as Super Bowl and The Beacon.

Watch this video for more information on the benefits of CHIME.